Dear Friends. 

Dear Friends. 

I need your help! 

– My Instagram account Sophie N Gunnol was placed under a “Shadow Ban” and is now visible only to my subscribers. No one else is able to find my page and the art I post by hashtags. Apparently some one reported one of the art works I posted recently. Instagram support automatically accepted and flagged my page as spam. It’s been several days now and I still don’t know why would someone report the art? Whether someone did it deliberately or by mistake, my page is now added to the list of spammers. 

– I’m an art curator and I use Instagram to publish the art I find amazing and exceptional. I share breathtakingly talented artists and love what I do! My page is still hidden from the outside world. I put a lot of work into creating and maintaining it and this situation is devastating for me.

 – I tried to reach out to Instagram and Facebook support but getting a response from them is practically impossible. Does anyone know whether something can be done or refer me to anyone who could help me resolve this? Thank you very much for your support. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
– Sophie